Lake Dunmore/Fern Lake Area

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Lake Dunmore is a deep-water springfed natural lake about 3-1/2 miles long and has a surface area of about 985 Acres. Most every species of fish common to Vermont are present. A recreational favorite, both summer and winter.

Fern Lake is a small lake approximately 1 mile in length and has a surface area of about 69 Acres. It is located immediately South of Lake Dunmore with no connection between the two lakes. Motor boats are allowed on the lake but there is a State of Vermont 5 miles/hour speed limit.

If you are interested in what is currently available on Dunmore or Fern Lake, please send me an email request for information and I'll provide you with a link to those listings.

Traditionally new lake listings become available during May & June. If you are interested and would like the most current information on these listing and when other new listing become available, please email us with your name and regular mailing address and we will be happy to add your name to our lake contact list. When any new listings become available(ours or other agency's) we will email you their information sheet.

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